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Thread: The "last movie I saw" thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by old_gregg View Post
    we watched interstellar again last week (after originally seeing it in theaters). it's underappreciated and going to be recognized as a classic
    I agree, it is glorious.

    I watched Dunkirk this week for the third time with my daughter. Even in a dollar theater it turned on my tears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaloAltoCougar View Post
    I wasn't much impressed by WW, but I've talked with a few women of considerable intelligence who really liked it because of the feminist angle. It would be interesting to see a Rotten Tomatoes survey based on gender.
    I thought it actually under-delivered if you went in hoping for a feminist angle. It depicts a society of women who, left to their own devices for a few thousand years, have achieved ... ? Nothing really. They spend all their time obsessing over going to war with men, but even in that they're pretty bad -- never got past using the swords and spears they started with. No art, no technology, no democracy (still ruled by a queen), nothing. Their entire society not only fails the Bechdel test but fails at the one thing it was supposed to be good at -- war. Maybe they felt constrained by the source material, but I thought it was going to revel in how advanced, enlightened, and culturally rich their society would be, instead of giving us a bunch of uninspired hoplites with bad accents.

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    I actually Wonder Woman was pretty decent. It, along with Logan and Dead Pool are some of the better comic book movies as of late. I didn't enjoy the recent Spiderman movie much.

    Last movie I saw Brad's Status. It's a really subtle and quiet movie about Brad, played by Ben Stiller, who goes with his son to check out Harvard. During the story Brad connects by phone with old college friend's of his who had proven to be incredibly wealthy and successful, while he has only started a non-profit. It causes a bit of an identify crisis, and has Brad reassess his life. It is both melancholic and hopeful. 3.5 out of 5.
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