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Thread: The "last movie I saw" thread

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    Searching. I thought it was a solid thriller. A father's daughter goes missing and he combs through her social media etc. looking for clues and realizes how much he doesn't know. A solid B grade from me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dabrockster View Post
    Has anyone seen “The Three Identical Strangers” Documentary (I did not see a post about it here)?

    I have had co-workers recommend it. That is is well done and pretty shocking.

    I am hoping PAC has it on his list to see and provide his review.

    I am sure some of you older member may have remembered this story as it was national news back in the 80’s. The three identical twins separated at birth and adopted out.


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    Just saw this yesterday. I recommend it also. It is a crazy story. It was sobering to contemplate the 'nature vs nurture' argument watching it. There are some things that are just too hard to overcome. Life is hard.

    I am racking my brain trying to remember any news reference about this, but I don't remember any of it. The documentary sure made it look like it was a national story.

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