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  1. Is Steve May your FIL? Or an Uncle of your wife? Any case I doubt Dietrich will lose to Camas or Richfield so could make it to Rockland for District game. Pretty good post season rivalry last few years.
  2. I will cheer for the Bulldogs in this Fridays game. Not a lot of love between local school and the Bulldogs opponent on Friday. During state bball tournament several people from this coming Fridays game sent to Idaho Sportscasters messages cheering for Blue Devil opponents. Feelings mutual there. One interesing thing in football your opponent for this week and another school in the middle of the state with mascot of miner got to be pretty intense football rivals. In fact outgoing member of Stake Presidency said glad they were not in our stake, Maybe in Jest. Anyway several people from that town still wanted our opponent there football rival to beat us.

    I know several people who don't exactly think the world of the town coming down there. A poster that grew up there posts on here too. I will be glad to see Bulldog victory Friday.
  3. Is Rockland coming to Dietrich next week? Have the holiday tournament in Dietrich next week. If tv upstairs can watch BYU game if cable works up there and see game downstairs if they don't put board upstairs and you can see game from window. Could always head to Eagles Nest and enjoy meal and maybe game. Merc closes at 6. 5 next week. Have good burritos and donuts. You could always just settle for the Concessions at Dietrich High School though as well.
  4. Are you going to make it to any of the State Tournament next week? The bulldogs advanced. Got my permission to beat panthers if you wind up playing em. Scottie's hometown. A big rivalry for Dietrich and Carey now.

    Dietrich missed by apoint getting to at least play for third place. I am sure would of beat Sho-Ban. Murtaugh got that privelege. Won't be good next year. Maybe School Board will let us play 20 games and you can come on over here. Or play in holiday tournament first week in December. Traditionally Army Navy Week.

    I hope to make it to some of the State Tournament myself.
  5. Did you make it to the Girls State Tournament today. Dietrich beat Rockland. I went today though I am not a huge girls Basketball fan. Rockland kept the game close though.
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