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  1. We didn't make it over this year. My son went but we just stayed home. I guess the Madison and Rigby people filled that gym over there.
  2. Did you make it to any of Madisons State Tournament Games?
  3. So did you make it to the state championship game? Now Madison does not have Ricks to compete with for community support. If I settled there choices. Ricks got to host region 18 tournament when I was there and told I needed to go to 22 year old classmates farewell because he was my classmate. Looking back would of rather stormed the court when Bowers sent them to Hutchinson than heard a farewell. Letdown coming back to Rexburg. Could of been Bobcat booster too. Am sure would of had I settled there.

    Dietrich lost to Murtaugh by one and missed in elimination game. Would of started better. My brother in law teaches at Shoshone and watched Fridays game of theres and third place game of theres. That was double ot thriller. Though Third place games are dragger no one wants to be there. Shoshone did not drive to win game.

    2a 3a games very close. If you go to state next year maybe we should get together for lunch someewere and see some games together.
  4. My boy is down there watching but I stayed home. I only go to the home games. Are you going to a game tonight?
  5. Are you at the Madison game tonight?
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