View Full Version : SEC smack

12-08-2008, 07:51 AM
So, this was an odd deal.

I was at a Big 12 watch party on Saturday, and the hosts had invited a guy from their church, just moved here from Alabama, doesn't know a soul in town. They knew he was a college football fan, and thought he'd enjoy the company. He's an Auburn grad but a Tide fan (which frankly I didn't know was possible).

He spent the entire four quarters talking SEC smack. Really animated, passionate, antagonistic smack. The Pac-10 is shit. The Big Ten is shit. The Big 12 is mediocre at best (and I'm pretty sure he only hedged that one out of respect for his hosts), and appears to be good because they only ever play each other. The ACC and Big East should be disqualified from the BCS. Utah and Boise are pretenders.

The whole thing was so bizarre. What kind of adult goes to somebody else's house and then behaves like that?