View Full Version : Since its the time of year when BCS is all screwed up I give you my sensible plan

Mormon Red Death
11-28-2008, 08:56 PM
to Fix things.

We all know the powers that be in College football don't want a playoff. So what changes could be made so that this thing looks a little better.

1. The Cotton Bowl or Holiday Bowl become a BCS game. You could even rotate them.

Then you have This schedule of bowl Games

Jan 1 Rose Bowl in the After Noon
Jan 1 Whatever Bowl has the NC game At Night
Jan 2 At Night Whatever Bowl had the NC game the last year
Jan 3 Whatever Bowl had the NC two years ago
Jan 4 Whatever Bowl Had the NC game 3 year ago
Jan 8 BCS National Champ Game
(please note that the last two bowls can be moved so that they can played on Friday and Saturday Nights and so they don't conflict with NFL games)

2. There is no limit on how many teams from a conference can play in a BCS games. The minimum for P-10, B-10, SEC, Big12, BE, ACC and MWC is 1 team

3. Every Conference has to have a championship game

If the Big 10 doesnt want to add ND then have them Play the Big East Winner
No matter who wins the champ of each of those conferences still plays in a BCS game. If the Big 10 does add ND then the Big East must play the highest ranked MAC or Conf USA. The Big East win or lose that game is guaranteed a BCS game. No matter how you feel about he Big Least they are power that be and they won't agree if they lose that power. Remember I am trying to be sensible.

If the PAC 10 doesn't want to add 2 teams then have them play the MWC (which must add Boise St). Both conference get Auto Bids to the BCS games
The Pac 10 would stay the same regarding BCS and the MWC would have a lock in with Holiday Bowl or the Fiesta depending on which bowl in scenario 1 was selected. If the Cotton Bowl becomes a BCS game then the Big 12 would naturally be the auto lock for that bowl leaving the Fiesta to have the MWC as its Auto Lock. The Holiday Bowl makes sense with the MWC.

This leaves a remaining 5 spots. The remaining 10 At large teams selected by a set committee Play one another (highest ranked BCS team is at home) with rematches of previous games in the year forbidden. The winners play in BCS games. At large teams must meet the current At large BCS requirements. Teams from Conf USA, WAC, sunbelt or Mac only need to be 15 or higher to qualify or at large play in games. Gate is split 50/50 and whoever has the rights to the bcs games has the right to buy these games.

4. The BCS Formula is 50% Harris Poll (the coaches poll does not mix in due to conflict of interest) and 50% computers. Additionally, the Harris Poll is 100 and includes two voters from each state (where votes are confidential).

Under My sensible plan Here is what would happen Next week (assuming no upsets this weekend)

SEC champ game Atlanta - FLA v Bama
ACC Champ Game Jacksonville Fla St v GA Tech
Big 12 Champ game Kansas city - Oklahoma v Mizzou
Big 10 v Big Least Detroit/Indianapolis/Chicago Penn St v Cincy
Pac 10 v MWC Las Vegas Utah v USC (I'm assuming Utah would beat Boise st and Ore st loses)

At large:
Oregon at Texas
TCU at Texas Tech
Ball St at Ohio St
byu at Georgia
Oklahoma st @ Boise st.

There are certainly distractions as you can still have 3 teams from the Big 12 win out. It does however provide for 10 games that have the chance to be monster games.