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  1. How much did Sotomayor's ethnicity
  2. What is Arizona thinking?
  3. If you are a concealed carry holder
  4. Illegal immigration from a right winger's point of view:
  5. Chicago Climate Exchange Organization
  6. Screw you, you m-f'in Samaritan
  7. Obama, fear mongering and the race card....
  8. Are Homo Sapiens an evolutionary dead end?
  9. PETA drops by Elementary School
  10. Don't you know that you are shooting a star? Don't you know? Don't you know?
  11. State Government.......a microcosm of the Feds
  12. Oklahoma Abortion Law
  13. Tinfoil prices spike
  14. If they auction off the Parthenon,
  15. Noah's Ark Found Again (allegedly)
  16. Thought this wouldn't go over well on CB
  17. Killer Cat
  18. A guest stayed 20 days at this place?
  19. Puerto Rico, the 51st state
  20. Anyone run out of ipecac syrup?
  21. Here's a heartwarming story.
  22. Hows is the City responsible?
  23. Supermodels without makeup
  24. Black Gold is worse than Black Mold
  25. Soldiers in Afghabnistan remake "Telephone" by Lady Gaga
  26. Blame the government
  27. Why doesn't it surprise me
  28. Politico on Huntsman
  29. poll question re. illegal immigrants
  30. Carbomb found in Times Square. Mayor confirms,,,
  31. Only in Detroit
  32. church going green
  33. Obama speech to UM Graduates - What is your thoughts??
  34. crime stats cited by wimmer
  35. A suspect was just arrested in the NY
  36. Modern Day Robin Hood..
  37. Reflecting on Bennett's Likely Demise
  38. it is awesome this az lawmaker can
  39. 40 years ago
  40. BYU Fan Oil Worker on MSNBC front page
  41. Do you trust electronic voting machines?
  42. Should this man be executed?
  43. Whatever you do, don't take pride in America
  44. The NYT coverage of the Times Square bombing
  45. The Dow: 1000 point drop in 15 minutes?
  46. Neandertals are our ancestors
  47. I hope that e-trade child had this
  48. Time to end our Predator strikes?
  49. 40-year-old gigantic beaver dam
  50. The real question for me on drone attacks
  51. Mike Lee wimps out
  52. The Sound of the Crash
  53. Anything wrong with this chart?
  54. Kagan to be nominated for Supreme
  55. Obama to choose Elena Kagan for SC
  56. Benjamin Franklin was Bad.
  57. In case you missed this beauty.
  58. The market is skyrocketing today
  59. If you're this geeky, cry
  60. "The Univers" - History Channel
  61. The Germans are once again the 'schmucks' of Europe...
  62. Why I'm for the death penalty
  63. China Kindergarten Murders
  64. Voted no on school levy
  65. Arlen Specter, most versatile politician in America
  66. Coming soon to a bank near you!
  67. How the lack of literacy fuels extremism in Islamic countries
  68. Kagan likes Orrin Hatch's rifle
  69. US Census Bureau is funding terrorists...
  70. c-coli in Saratoga Springs Water Supply
  71. The Oil Spill's Actual Volume
  72. I may owe an apology to those of
  73. Utahns to get zapped by Obamacare
  74. The only reason I'd want to live in NJ is so...
  75. Federal programs overfeed fat people
  76. I think the LDS church will own Prop 8 for a long time
  77. Governor-Approved Arizona Fascism
  78. Mosque being built at Ground Zero
  79. If Kagan is confirmed, the entire Supreme Court...
  80. This is why it's dangerous to play bs political games with the US Presidency...
  81. Your Tax Dollars At Work!
  82. The government asleep at the wheel (again)
  83. Fox News gets something right
  84. Confrontation between David Horowitz and a Muslim Student from UCSD
  85. Medicare and Obamacare
  86. Things looking up for Republicans in Connecticut.
  87. Vietnamese 'girl in the picture' ... reunited with corespondent who saved her
  88. S. 1261 - PASS ID act...
  89. Paul wins Kentucky primary...
  90. America, #$%^ yeah!
  91. Arizona threatens an economic boycott of its own
  92. Confrontation between First Lady and Second Grader
  93. Spector defeated..
  94. Mortgage Rates.......
  95. Synthetic Biology
  96. Did Publius warn of the Beck/Limbaugh/Eagle Forum
  97. Paris Art Heist - Entrapment Come to Life
  98. What? Another bribe?
  99. Stuff I've learned from the NPR BP blowout press coverage
  100. It's time to get those criminal immigrants out!
  101. Running out of other people's money
  102. Mr. Coke, Why the alias?
  103. Great National Anthems, past and present
  104. Official Korean conflict thread
  105. Can of corn
  106. Exemptions (Religious) from Obama's Healthcare
  107. The Idaho vote yesterday
  108. Apple overtakes Microsoft...
  109. Gold: The Next Bubble
  110. A good friend from high school was interviewed last month by technewsworld.com...
  111. So why no Hawaiian tsunami?
  112. Unemployment insurance
  113. Media creates misperception, then reports fallout
  114. Failure of the American Jewish Establishment
  115. 'Side by Side'
  116. One Trillion Bucks: Cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  117. Whats the big deal of when to celebrate the 4th?
  118. Israeli Navy attacks Gaza bound ships
  119. What do you think of this?
  120. Sestak
  121. Guatemala sink hole: real or fake?
  122. two packs a day...
  123. Is his tongue in cheek......?
  124. Here's a winning strategy...........
  125. Islamic-controlled charter school?
  126. CNN manufacturing stories once again?
  127. Sinkhole in Guatemala City
  128. Where is Park City?
  129. Long smooches only last so long
  130. Just asking because I don't know..........
  131. CUF Solutions to the BP Spill
  132. Guatemala stink hole: real or fake?
  133. Sometimes stupid just can't be fixed
  134. When my testicles started heading south.
  135. Hitchens live stream from NYPL today
  136. Post-Divorce Palimony?
  137. D-Day and WWII Veterans Close To Us Thread
  138. The Pelican Thread
  139. Send nude photos to my daughter will ya!!!
  140. Interracial marriages at all-time high
  141. Thanks in advance, DH
  142. I found this disappointing: No memorial of D-Day from Obama
  143. I really donīt care about politics
  144. Join me right now with Valerie Plame, Matt Dillon, Liev Schreiber and other
  145. Fourth time the charm?
  146. Troubled teens 'sent to Siberia'
  147. Angry America: Protests galore...
  148. Do you think Van Der Sloot killed Holloway??
  149. Salt Lake and Provo Real Estate in for a Market Correction
  150. Did WHO Cry H1N1 Wolf?
  151. Interesting new annuity product to deal with longevity risk
  152. I'm doomed!
  153. Bat bombs at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah
  154. Political Compass
  155. Chevrolet to dump 'Chevy'
  156. The Taliban hang 7 year old Boy : Say he was a spy
  157. Provo girl badly beaten and raped near Branbury apartments.........
  158. Mitch Daniels
  159. Alvin Green, mystery candidate
  160. Very interesting news out of Afghanistan today.
  161. Crazy Congressman grabs kid by the wrist and neck..
  162. 13th Juror Doctrine
  163. No citizenship for children born to illegals in the US?
  164. No good deed goes unpunished?!?
  166. The End of Men
  167. Rash of bad LSD drug trips.
  168. Firing Squad or Lethal Injection?
  169. A current amber alert is in effect
  170. Ronnie Gardner
  171. An incredible story from military times...
  172. Sunday, Bloody Sunday
  173. Happy Father's Day
  174. Congratulations to J. Santos
  175. Pretty clever if you ask me..
  176. Sarah Palin will never go away
  177. lee vs bridgewater
  178. Arizona Senator Kyl on video about the border..
  179. Is this my conspiracy hat again????
  180. Any Obama supporters want to defend this?
  181. Evidence the government is out of money
  182. Gen McChrystal in hot water again..
  183. How about a massive temporary tax raise?
  184. An interesting article on BP's relationship with the left...
  185. Blue whales plead to be allowed to die...
  186. LOL.. I'm sorry. But that made me laugh..
  187. A bad day for Obama
  188. Not your average Utah news story
  189. Official conservative politics thread
  190. Official liberal politics thread
  191. With budget decisions like this being made, it's amazing that Utah isn't in the same
  192. Al was a bad boy
  193. 30 year fixed mortgage rates down to 4.25% today
  194. Gov. Chris Christie rocks
  195. Blago Trial: What are your thoughts...
  196. I guess Arizona doesn't border with Mexico..
  197. 'Finance bill will help good Americans, not minorities or defective people...
  198. Went to a Russian Cruiser today
  199. Humans to be Extinct in 100 Years
  200. Obama Is No Liberal!
  201. Hard Solution
  202. Balance the Budget Game
  203. Guess which country's youth will be next?
  204. Arrogance + Incompetence = Disaster
  205. Our medical system should be modeled after the Japanese
  206. Intriguing: Obama speaks about Tackling Deficit
  207. Big deal in Constitutional Gun Law
  208. PCAOB Unconstitutional
  209. Robert Byrd is dead.
  210. This thread is useless without x-rays
  211. Russians copy Moroni
  212. San Francisco and Boycotts
  213. Deseret Media taking a stand
  214. Guess the subject matter of the quote
  215. U.S. FINALLY accepts help on Oil Spill
  216. Kagan is plainly lying about her involvement on partial birth abortion policy
  217. It's been sad to see the recent change in IPU.
  218. Wait for it "I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN...
  219. If unemployment is over 10%
  220. Wormholes and Backward(s) Causation
  221. Breastfeeding is creepy
  222. Arizona: jus soli v. jus sanguinis
  223. How to Save America?
  224. Is it really starting to feel like 1932?
  225. Justice Roberts vs. Obama
  226. Mitt, why?!?!?
  227. You say you'll change the Constitution
  228. Next Step for Tea Party: Nullification
  229. At least they weren't minors
  230. On a cold day in Des Moines
  231. Hope and Change: RIP
  232. NASA's new mission: Honorable but misguided??
  233. US vs. Arizona
  234. CMS Director
  235. Barbara Boxer's poll lead shrinks from 30 to 3 points
  236. Even the leftist elites in this country are starting to get it...
  237. This will help N. Idaho's image
  238. Uh oh. DOMA is on the docket now.
  239. DOJ and selective cases: Voter Intimidation case
  240. Soccer fans skip the hookers, go for the art
  241. Obama tackles illegal workers.
  242. Nurses are now doctors.........
  243. Barefoot Bandit
  244. Massage Envy of Murray
  245. Justice Kennedy's clout to rise
  246. Houston area CUFfers...
  247. This is the process in which we were blessed with Obama?
  248. How would you vote on a Constitutional Amendment legalizing Same Sex Marriage?
  249. France outlaws burqas, veils
  250. Obama Kicks Ass