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  1. Reverend Graham is called to repentance for saying voting for Romney is OK
  2. 2011: The year Mormonism went mainstream
  3. Where CaliCoug defends the so-called "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act"
  4. Samoa Skips Friday
  5. Something wrong with the scientific method?
  6. If most heterosexual women are actually somewhat bisexual?
  7. Rick Santorum (please, don't Google his last name) is the funniest not-Romney yet
  8. One small step for mankind: Convinced the 'rents to quit FOX "News" tonight
  9. US Police Using Predator Drones
  10. Does Rick Santorum have a sex dungeon?
  11. Just four votes separate Santorum and Romney.
  12. Michigan man in the news...
  13. Odd bedfellows - Romney / Paul dynamic is going to be key
  14. Why does Fox hate Romney?
  15. 6 O-town police officers shot last night......
  16. Contempt for Congress...
  17. You be the judge: Yearbook photo too sexy?
  18. The penis mom
  19. Roots of Republican Racism
  20. Roots of Democratic racism and race-mongering
  21. The official Romney VP speculation and inappropriate political humor thread
  22. Debate is an inaccurate term for this garbage.
  23. Rubio to Obama:
  24. Tony Blankley has died
  25. "Romney Derangement Syndrome" and the Battle of Bain Capital
  26. The unofficial Obama and Romney VP speculation thread
  27. Wow, CNN just showed a picture that made me dry heave.
  28. Have you guys seen this
  29. Utah's new 4th congressional district
  30. Wolf in California
  31. The trouble with limited liability... it isn't a 'free market' concept.
  32. Queerest town in America? SLC!
  33. The thread for amusing, insightful, newsworthy or outrageous political Tweets
  34. 2012 political ad thread
  35. Share your favorite quotations from new Mercedes Benz spokesperson, Che Guevara
  36. Constitution not legally binding?
  37. Feminism is alive in the next generation: Video Against Slut Shaming
  38. Obama wants to destroy jobs
  39. When Jon Huntsman drops out
  40. Rick Santorum endorses terrorism.
  41. atomic tattoo
  42. Americans are too fat....
  43. Game on: Obama v Romney, the 2012 campaign for the office of the POTUS
  44. Romney and the state of Mormon apologetics
  45. SoonerCoug, the hispanic.
  46. a sinking feeling
  47. Decriminalization/Legalization
  48. Chinese Good Samaritan. Not So Good
  49. SLC Airport to be Demolished and Rebuilt
  50. Good neighbors
  51. Syria
  52. Kodak files for bankruptcy
  53. Obama rejects the Keystone Pipeline...
  54. Utah HS Can't Be Called Cougars
  55. Taxes on Carried Interests
  56. Who likes Cougars??? I know I do....
  57. Occupy, my ass.
  58. The Issue of Global Mortality Improvements
  59. With Hostess filing bankruptcy...
  60. The Wealth Issue
  61. Hey, Mitt: TAKE OFF THE GLOVES
  62. Palmetto State takes Romney to the woodshed
  63. Why tonight hurt Romney.
  64. Utah Snow Drivers in Bountiful
  65. Utah in the General Election with Newt as the Nominee
  66. Remember the Guy Who Did This in the Late Nineties?
  67. Kill Newt's Chances of Winning the Republican Nomination for President of the US
  68. Any of you Obama sycophants...
  69. The Next President: Jeb Bush?
  70. 2012 Campaign Photo Thread
  71. State of the Union
  72. The Navy SEALs Are Bad Ass
  73. From the Wall Street Journal
  74. Death Sentence for Home Invasion Killer
  75. Rachel M. Interviewing. Barney Frank
  76. My favorite reason to support Ron Paul
  77. My Presidential Wishlist
  78. Claremont McKenna falsifies SAT scores to inflate ranking
  79. Letter from a former slave to his former owner..
  80. First, Kill All the Burmese Pythons
  81. Mitt wins Florida
  82. ERA
  83. CBO: 2% growth and increased unemployment in 2012
  84. A home run in the Washington Post...
  85. Susan G. Komen + Planned Parenthood
  86. Do you folks want me to stop posting my opinion about Obama?
  87. Would You Fire This Teacher?
  88. WWBOD?
  89. The will Israel attack Iran thread and why we should be worried
  90. Obvious and Ironic, wait, what the hell?
  91. Yeah Samake
  92. Sad Story out of Phoenix
  93. "Mormonism and American Politics" - Columbia seminar today
  94. Romney for POTUS: The thread that makes the case and gives neutrality the finger
  95. Josh Powell just blew up his house with his kids inside
  96. Guy that took kid hunting when he shouldnt of
  97. Obamacare vs. the Catholic Church
  98. How will the Obama Administration complete their First Amendment violation trifecta?
  99. Important Prop. 8 Ruling Today
  100. Spanking kids can cause long-term harm
  101. Utah going after the Winter Olympics once again......
  102. The artificial womb and its future policy implications
  103. I heart Mia Love
  104. Andrew Breitbart at CPAC
  105. Abraham Lincoln's birthday today
  106. Obama care and the Constitution...
  107. The time for austerity is not today
  108. Come on, you Utah Mormons! Get out to your caucuses -- even you Democrats!
  109. Pennies Cost Too Damn Much!
  110. GM has transitioned to a 401k plan
  111. Fruit of the Boom: Underwear Bomber Gets Life
  112. In to the Wild down at Zions
  113. One thread for sharing upcoming FORA.tv events w/ CUF (Thurs NYT live stream)
  114. We All Live In A Yellow Submarine
  115. Why should we return it when you can't take care of it?
  116. Get your generators ready
  117. Wife of assassinated scientist: Annihilation of Israel "Mostafa's Ultimate Goal"
  118. murder for hire...
  119. 3rd grader shot by another 3rd grader in Bremerton
  120. George Hughley gets 26 Years
  121. The Church's Changing Position on the Legalization Same-Sex Marriage
  122. Senator Marco Rubio the Mormon?
  123. His own words...
  124. Abort Ruzicka, Abort
  125. Shooting at Chardon HS in Chardon, Ohio
  126. Guggenheim hired to make a propaganda film...
  127. The Obama can't possibly win re-election, Thread.
  128. Trader Tells the Truth
  129. You can take the boy out of Islam, but you can't take him out of the death chamber.
  130. Conservative Chickens Come Home to Roost
  131. Speculation and Gas Prices
  132. wuap, your Governor rocks!
  133. Paul polling ahead of Obama in Rasmussen (+2), Romney +1
  134. One less Monkee...
  135. Government Turns a Profit - Sort Of
  136. 2012: The Year of a Black, Mormon President
  137. ACORN killer is dead
  138. Afghanistan death count: we're losing 466:1
  139. Is Sandra Fluke a typical Georgetown law student today?
  140. After-Birth Abortion - Or what I think most of us would call "Killing a Baby"..
  141. Springville man shoots and kills intruder
  142. Ted Nugent Endorses Romney
  143. The Tornadoes are Here! (2012 Edition)
  144. I don't like dogs around my kids, and I have a right not to.
  145. I don't like blogs around my kids, and have a right not to.
  146. Which apostates do you not want to see as president?
  147. OBL - Wikileaks- Not buried at sea...
  148. George Will on Limbaugh
  149. American Healthcare the most expensive in the world.
  150. 20 examples of liberal kindness...
  151. Voted in Caucus today.
  152. Sandra Fluke's special powers
  153. The Utah Legislature - 2012 Edition
  154. Romney Comments on Israel
  155. The Cost of Living Longer
  156. Is Sondra a fluke or a typical law student?
  157. $1,000,000 Doesn't Go As Far As It Used To
  158. Sometimes, the Utah State Senate gets it right...
  159. Video I got from FB: Kony 2012
  160. Legislature closed last night
  161. Tagg Romney and his wife were Todd and Sarah Palin for Halloween
  162. Caucuses v primaries: CUF political scientists make the case
  163. Per PPP poll: 29% of AL Republican voters want to make interracial marriage illegal
  164. Sex, truth, and videotape: blackmail at BYU
  165. Citigroup failed the stress test
  166. Tocqueville on the border bt Ohio and Kentucky: America and its Cultures
  167. R.I.P. Encyclopaedia Britannica
  168. Barak watching succesors alma mater
  169. Obamacare cost...
  170. Cities, Unions and Pension plans
  171. What I learned at the Cacaus tonight.
  172. Newt Gingrich full of himself
  173. First the Patriot Act, now this
  174. Technical considerations on Iran
  175. Obamas and Tom Hanks get three Pinocchios
  176. The Battle Over Jim Thorpe's Burial Site
  177. New hominin species from China?
  178. Flackcheck.org
  179. Stand Your Ground
  180. The Final TWO: The Official Romney vs. Obama thread
  181. Trayvon Martin
  182. If I had son, he would look like Trayvon...
  183. Obamacare and the Supreme Court
  184. Are you in the bubble?
  185. Graphic: Carbon dioxide emissions compared to population
  186. True Conservative per Rush Limbaugh
  187. Those Forward thinking Liberal Canadians
  188. A resonable plan for balancing the budget
  189. Dang, wish I knew how to post video's
  190. Why Bilinguals Are Smarter
  191. RIP Richard Jewell
  192. Kentucky beats Utah again!
  193. transsexual beauty queen disqualified
  194. Gas over $3.90 a gallon
  195. Home Prices Still Dropping
  196. Acid Attack Victim Commits Suicide
  197. Thou Shalt Not Say "Dinosaur"
  198. RIP Earl Scruggs: Bluegrass/County Pioneer
  199. If only Sarah Palin had run ...
  200. Jimmy Carter, pro-life activist?
  201. Al Gore enjoys firing people
  202. Jeffs talk should apply to people that complain of tax cuts for the rich.
  203. Once called a GA an A hole before he became a ga
  204. MCAT Changes
  205. Romney versus Obama
  206. Andrea Mitchell said something that
  207. .The M&M Killer:
  208. Seattle city ordinance
  209. Choking game
  210. Navy Jet crashes in VA beach
  211. Lawrence O'Donnell's put down of Romney & Joseph Smith...
  212. Super Models without make-up or Photoshop
  213. Travon + Tulsa - how will NRA react?
  214. Take Back the Night
  215. Thomas Kinkade passed away on Friday
  216. Las Vegas innovation
  217. Why I am supporting Obama
  218. The War on Boys
  219. Sean Stone (director) and "Impeach Obama 2012."
  220. Kirk Cameron not making Child Celebrity friends
  221. wimmer
  222. Breastfeeding fatwa -- work collegues???
  223. Shuttle Watch 2012
  224. WTFluke? When are her 15 minutes over?
  225. Business is Business
  226. 'Slavery wasn't that bad'
  227. West Wendover Killing: Toni Fratto
  228. 2,000 Foot Tall Skyscraper in Japan?
  229. Bureaucrats behaving badly
  230. Everyone Likes Actuaries
  231. BYUSA receives award from AIPAC despite neutrality policy
  232. Photo Speeding Ticket
  233. Rubio just now on FORA.tv: "If I do a good job as Vice President..."
  234. A student project—for Lebowski
  235. motorcyclist in 300 km/h YouTube video
  236. What we did to Iraq and Afghanistan
  237. The Long Road
  238. Be prepared!
  239. Is Orrin Hatch one of the Three Nephites?
  240. Flipper Esta Muerto
  241. The whiter the skin the closer to God
  242. The real "war on women" - courtesy of Islam
  243. The eventual economic collapse
  244. Anyone have an opinion on tax
  245. Thinking in a Foreign Language Makes Decisions More Rational
  246. Self-deportation, it happening!!!
  247. Boys Adrift
  248. New Utah Miscarriage Law
  249. Maybe I should start a movement to protest obesity
  250. Student loans to gain bankruptcy protection?