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  1. Obama Kicks Ass
  2. Tickle Me Massa
  3. Disturbing accounts from Gulf of Mexico
  4. Harry Reid: Not in Nevada...
  5. I can't believe passions are getting so high ...
  6. Mother pregnant with two babies at the same time but they are not twins?
  7. Liberals Should Love 2nd Amendment
  8. Who are the CUF mortgage guys?
  9. Bush book pior to November
  10. 18th Century Ship Found at WTC Site
  11. Chinese adventures in Africa
  12. The Oil has been capped: I pray it holds...
  13. American Protection Act passes
  14. What if... BYU and the Church cut ties?
  15. Story / pictoral riddle
  16. Holy crap, you can't make this stuff up!
  17. Obama the leader or follower?
  18. Somewhere JohnnyLingo is crying
  19. K Street Republicans
  20. Finreg and the markets.
  21. Remember when Obama was shoving his health care plan down our throats...
  22. I'm Looking at the 2nd Quarter Nielsen Ratings
  23. Female condom with teeth.
  24. The horror, the horror
  25. The Credit CARD Act. Thank you feds.
  26. Inheritance tax: Make the case for and against
  27. Luke Russert rocks!
  28. Shirley Sherrod. Do we have thread about her yet?
  29. Crime Pays
  30. Woman 2, Home Invaders 0
  31. An Immigration Attack on Stossel from the Right
  32. South Carolina
  33. WikiLeaks/NYT/Guardian/Spiegel: The War Logs
  34. Lethbridge F-18 plane crash
  35. Tenn Lt. Gov: Islam not a Religion?
  36. Calling for secession? Really?
  37. A masterpiece from George Will
  38. The Death of Paper Money
  39. Student ordered to alter views?
  40. America's Ruling Class
  41. THIS is why reading crappy legislation from start to finish matters...
  42. Did you see this Trib article?
  43. HRS! Catalonia Bans Bullfighting
  44. And Reid pulls in front.
  45. Article on Gay Marriage
  46. Gen Y... well educated, lots of loans grim future
  47. Obama Favored in 2012
  48. Regarding all the crap you've heard about harsh interrogation techniques...
  49. Reggie Campos is found guilty
  50. Monogamy is Unnatural
  51. Yet another reason why this administration is..
  52. Morgan Freeman Solves the Race Problem
  53. Leaping Barracuda Bites Girl's Arm
  54. How many innocent people would you be willing to kill?
  55. How morally and ethically superior are you compared to your fellow CUFers
  56. FL Church Plans Koran Burning
  57. Foreign LDS and their political views...
  58. I'm not political by nature.
  59. Firefighters - Overpaid or justly compensated
  60. Fear the Boom and Bust
  61. The Million Dollar Questions
  62. U.S. boasts highest prison incarceration numbers in world
  63. Strike against Iran now "inexorable"
  64. Wasatch Front food bank & illegals(?)
  65. Political Ads
  66. Fannie and Freddie: Forgive Mortgages
  67. O Tannenbaum!
  68. Gold Dinar, Silver Dirham
  69. Bernanke: Why are we still listening to this guy?
  70. Report: Taliban slaughter medical team
  71. Goods Producing vs. Government Payrolls
  72. Speaking of federal judges
  73. Great Atul Gawande article about dying/hospice
  74. Matt Simmons, author of Twilight in the Desert died today.
  75. Wyo Governor Wants to Sell Huge Tracts of Land
  76. One of the funniest news stories I've read in a while...
  77. Wyo Governor Wants to sell Huge Trucks of Lard
  78. Joe Bidden (aka Scapregoat).. Rreally??
  79. Obama and WH getting heat from their own...
  80. Citizen where you drop may be on the way out...
  81. Prop 8, the anti-mosque movement, anti-illegal fervor...
  82. Those mean spirited Republicans who spew hate.....
  83. Peter Schuck in the NYT w/ the definitive word on birthright citizenship
  84. Germany 1, Krugman 0
  85. Future of the Deseret News
  86. My brother's Facebook campaign to take Jackson off the $20
  87. How in the Hell?
  88. The D News will soon be dead
  89. Spirit of the Gulf Coast
  90. Teacher Effectiveness story in LA Times
  91. The Last Execution in the Medellin Saga
  92. Daughter kills mother at age 15: Will be released at age 21
  93. The first decent Republican campaign video
  94. Spelling Fail
  95. Left gets an F in Economics
  96. Giving the lie to the general bull___t of cultural relativism
  97. Watching a live hostage situation on tv.
  98. Anne Frank Tree Topples
  99. Free Baby Sitting in Dallas
  100. Trapped Chilean Miners
  101. China Traffic Jam Could Last Weeks
  102. Russia in color, a century ago
  103. Jimmy Carter in North Korea
  104. One more good thing about Wyoming.
  105. Thought hte housing market had settled? That a market-clearing price had been hit?
  106. Glenn Beck's Rally this weekend
  107. The Clean Air Act: EPA's regulation of the Law
  108. The official effective 2010 political ad thread
  109. Torture?
  110. Postcolonialism: A Thought
  111. Prof. Steven Jones' response to CB -- sort of
  112. Where is the Economy Going in 2011/2012?
  113. The truth about what motivates us
  114. Bad Bernice.. BAD Bernice...
  115. Most valuable head of hair in the world?
  116. New International Tax
  117. Another platform explosion in the Gulf...
  118. Inside the D-News reconstruction
  119. Big Accident in Utah County.......
  120. Ohio man imprisoned family for year
  121. Obama pushing for tax breaks for businesses.....
  122. Liberal Arts Education Defense
  123. What do you guys think about the 15 year old that stabbed a classmate?
  124. So this preacher nut wants to
  125. Harry Reid: I'm not to blame for the economic woes in Nevada
  126. Deseret News Headline
  127. Warriors and Modern Democracies
  128. South Carolina changing for the better
  129. Homes gone in minutes.
  130. "Don't ask, don't tell" ruled unconstitutional
  131. My name is.. PHIL DAVISON!!
  132. The Daily Show Thread
  133. The Right Network
  134. First living service member to be awarded the Medal of Honor since Vietnam
  135. 9th anniversary of 9-11
  136. USA slaps $14 fee on foreigners
  137. Should Magistrates Be Attorneys?
  138. Castro: Communism Doesn't Work
  139. The mind of a liberal judge.
  140. Boomers Can Save Us All
  141. I'll show you, customs agent
  142. Tea Party dumbasses
  143. Utah group criticizes schools for opt-out forms for Obama's school speech
  144. Great Book Review
  145. Do any of these describe you?
  146. Carla Bruni sells out Mrs. Obama
  147. Gunman holed up in John Hopkins
  148. Jimmy Carter: Take THAT Ted Kennedy..
  149. Far more problematic than O'Donnell's alleged flirtation with witchcraft
  150. I hereby challenge Christine O'Donnell to a debate
  151. Herriman Fire
  152. I just want to use the words "sniper" + "UN" and
  153. Who have you voted for?
  154. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Recession is Over
  155. 5 - life for the seminary sleazeball
  156. Woman gets serious with Obama
  157. Justice Breyer live from the NYPL on FORA.tv
  158. To All Cuffers in the South
  159. Been wondering what it feels like to shit your pants?
  160. PwC and Marketing
  161. BEST interview of woman attacked EVER!!
  162. At event at GC CUNY w/ Christopher Hitchens
  163. A case for attending private school?
  164. Blockbuster Video is filing for bankruptcy
  165. Good heavens, don't give her another chance
  166. Pledge to America
  167. Stephen Colbert's testimony
  168. Stats Lie, says Public
  169. Segway, Inc. owner dies on his own product
  170. Gunman loose on University of Texas campus
  171. HOLY HELL!! She's a Zombie...
  172. UN appoints Office for Outer Space Affiars
  173. The National Debt in real time
  174. Christie to do Major reform of Education in Garden State
  175. Judge Walker resigns
  176. Horrible: Student commits suicide after video of him making out with a guy leaked
  177. "Goldilocks" Planet Discovery
  178. Apples to Apples : Utah's schools stink...
  179. Those Crazy Chinese
  180. Gloria Allred is going to face problems with the California Bar...
  181. Chinese Demographics: Population Shrinkage on the Horizon?
  182. Fox pulls FX and FSN networks from Dish
  183. I imagine meetings like this
  184. Peyton Manning and his BYU offense
  185. Osama bin Laden concerned about climate change, who knew?
  186. 10:10 - No Pressure
  187. The fight against coulrophobia
  188. Dodd-Frank
  189. Funny thing just happened.
  190. Terror, the Quran and the Times Square bomber
  191. Firefighters let home burn because owner didn't pay for fire service
  192. 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature Guesses
  193. Sexual predators in high places
  194. Funeral free speech case
  195. Has anyone heard much about this?
  196. Will there be charges in this situation?
  197. Betting odds for 2010 elections
  198. Historians Admit to Inventing Ancient Greeks
  199. Does Tiffany Hartley's story pass the sniff test?
  200. We are Perfect!
  201. "Bullying" gay youth
  202. Global Warming: "Pseudoscientific Fraud"
  203. The TRUTH about the stock market: It's been crashing since the tech bubble burst...
  204. Top 100 Jobs: Where does yours rank?
  205. For Profit Colleges
  206. Neighborhood Feud gone to far..
  207. What would it take for the US to step in in Mexico?
  208. A new "chart of the day" - Cities have about 2X the pension liabilities they admit to
  209. Another crazy conservative rant by the folks at City Journal...
  210. My cousin is up by 6 in the CA 11th
  211. I wonder if he is still interning for Terry Goddard??
  212. Civil Rights Charges ought to follow... but they won't...
  213. Has this article been posted yet?
  214. Obamacare lawsuits by states: Judge rules
  215. Offensive billboard in Grand Junction, Colorado
  216. Utah the best for business?
  217. What if...
  218. Fedwire system went down today
  219. I saw the funniest painting at the mall
  220. Learning to live with terrorism.
  221. This guy deserves father of the year
  222. California's Prop 19
  223. And Harry Reid wins again!
  224. Engineers 1, (Al Gore loving) Lawyers 0
  225. The Rent is too Damn High party: NY Gubernatorial debate
  226. "Today is the day Britain steps back from the brink."
  227. For some of you more progressive
  228. LOL. My lib co-worker who loves Obama...
  229. Could the Tea Party fix the US economy?
  230. of pinheads and patriots
  231. Violent overthrow of U.S. Govt
  232. Juan Gone
  233. Crocodile on plane kills 19 people
  234. Overreact much? Anita Hill.
  235. Home Values........
  236. Politics in Idaho
  237. Oops, we accidentally captured and stored your password
  238. June Gone
  239. Another tragic Indonesian earthquake & tsunami
  240. Ute Conference football party
  241. How hackers will rule the World
  242. 2010 Election Day Thread
  243. Porn Industry Expanding
  244. Juan Williams for President!
  245. Looks like the U.S. Government is Suing the LDS Church
  246. Forgive and forget OR ELSE!!!!
  247. Corn Industry Expanding
  248. Com Industry Expanding
  249. 1.21 Gigawatts!!!!!
  250. Emerging Market Bond Funds might not be the best place to park your money right now.