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  1. Anyone watch the Pats/Jets game?
  2. RSL and the MLS Western Conference Finals!
  3. Lesnar vs Couture Predictions?
  4. Skins and Cowboys
  5. Chargers-Steelers was a good game
  6. Cuban getting busted
  7. Redskins and Nov. 16th
  8. It's game day!
  9. Mike D'antoni is becoming a weasel.......
  10. AZ vs NY giants
  11. Sports Illustrated cover gaffes
  12. RC...I can't believe you beat me.
  13. For Cougjunkie and Solon
  14. Urlacher's issues
  15. Plaxico Burress shot in leg
  16. NFL rule I don't get
  17. Drum, why were the Skinks wearing burgundy yesterday?
  18. Lakers
  19. Salt Lake gets real pro football (maybe)
  20. The Ultimate Fighter
  21. Am I am the only one who still checks fjm.com on a semi-regular basis
  22. OJ Simpson just got 15 years, eligible for parole after 5 years.
  23. Pacman in bludgeoning De La Hoya right now.
  24. I just saw wang bone on Fox.
  25. What is Furcal thinking turning down the A's offer
  26. Neyer/James guide to pitching
  27. Jermaine Dye dealt to the Reds for Homer Bailey
  28. CC wants to be a Dodger?
  29. Casey Blake will remain a Dodger
  30. 3 UFC events coming up......
  31. Tiki never did that in the backyard
  32. The closer market has officially been set
  33. 10 Favorite Pro Athletes of All-Time
  34. Does this guy get work off on Wednesday?
  35. Ten Pro Athletes I Hate!
  36. Kimbo loves the city of Japan.
  37. A's not out of the running for Furcal
  38. Suns trade Diaw and Bell for Richardson
  39. If the Yankees somehow sign all these guys
  40. I love this kid Steve Cantwell
  41. No way they renew Nancy Lieberman's contract
  42. Thank you Omar Minaya
  43. For TUF contestant Cory Hill breaks his leg last night in the fights......
  44. FF QB Quandry
  45. Nationals offer 8-year 160 million dollar deal to Teixeria
  46. The implosion of TO and the Cowboys begins..........
  47. Phillies downgrade in LF by signing Ibanez
  48. Portland A's
  49. Down with the Brox Bombers
  50. Freaking Jazz
  51. Fantasy NFL questions
  52. A's current offer to Furcal - 4 years/40 million
  53. Looks like Furcal won't join the Dodgers or the A's
  54. Time to move on to Adam Dunn
  55. Please Billy Beane do not sign Orlando Cabrera
  56. Note to Ned Colletti, Orlando Cabrera is a must sign player
  57. Brett Favre is a pro bowler
  58. Dodgers back in the mix for Furcal
  59. Should I get my hopes up on Furcal?
  60. Booz to opt out of contract.
  61. Great comeback by the Jazz last night
  62. How badly is Boozer being out hurting the Jazz
  63. Retiring Jerseys
  64. FF Championship game starts tonight
  65. Schuerholtz blasts Furcal's agents
  66. Red Sox out of the running for Teixeira
  67. Bobby Crosby was placed on waivers
  68. Dodgers sign Furcal for three years
  69. What non-team sport did you compete in as a youth?
  70. To Hell with the Yankees once again
  71. Teixeira signs with the Yankees
  72. The Yankees are bad for baseball...
  73. Brevin Knight for Chris Mihm?
  74. Hot Lunch you should be thanking the Yankees
  75. Merry Christmas, Manny
  76. If anyone is interested, I will have UFC 92 on at my house
  77. MMA fighter shot dead at Christmas get together
  78. Sorry Rocky.
  79. It's Official... Singletary is the head guy in SF
  80. Cowboys and Broncos both losing
  81. San Diego
  82. The Dodgers will now entertain SERIOUS offers from Manny
  83. NHL Winter Classic
  84. Charles Barkley arrested on suspicion of DUI
  85. Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Champs next season
  86. For those in SLC area with HD on Comcast...
  87. Jets' karma
  88. I missed this jump on New Year's Eve
  89. Superbowl 43 picks
  90. Baltimore can beat anyone.
  91. Patriots are going to franchise Matt Cassell.........
  92. Cubs agree on deal with Bradley
  93. A's likely to sign Giambi
  94. Giants interest in Manny is also not legit
  95. As a life long Braves fan, this makes me ill.
  96. So ESPN was behind Pacman getting cut...........
  97. If you could choose only one
  98. Hoffman to the Brewers
  99. I am still a huge Billy Beane fan but this offseason has sucked
  100. Classy Jazz Fans
  101. The Thunder Rolls
  102. The players union should go after the Blazers
  103. Was the last time the Titans hosted a home Saturday playoff game
  104. Babs,
  105. When did the MLB channel launch?
  106. Cardinals up 27-7 late in 1st half.
  107. Can the Pistons play the Jazz more often?
  108. Peter Gammons talks about Manny and the Dodgers
  109. Philly Vs. Arizona in the NFC championship game.
  110. MLB HoF includes
  111. Look at Me! Come and touch it!.....
  112. Derek Lowe to rot in Atlanta; gets paid in cash
  113. Derek Lowe?
  114. Junkie & McGuirk
  115. 18 million dollar "Miles"stone.
  116. I am predicting the lowest rated Super Bowl in recent memory
  117. Sloan coming back. Again.
  118. 3 former BYU Cougars playing in the Superbowl.......
  119. Question for ER, Cardiac or other physicians
  120. The best news of the day from the Washington DC area...
  121. The Miami Heat have two retired jerseys
  122. Cool article about Larry Fitzgerald and his father
  123. Jeff Kent retiring
  124. World Baseball Classic
  125. Can someone explain what the Angels are thinking this offseason?
  126. Affliction
  127. DDD whats up with Loose Cannons getting the axe?
  128. Anyone following the Aussie Open?
  129. Larry H. Miller, amputee....
  130. How long until BYU fans quit claiming Brett Keisel?
  131. A Change of Heart
  132. My baseball fanship is open for free agency
  133. Met Fedor tonight.
  134. DDD question about the Dodgers
  135. Does this surprise anyone?
  136. Say it ain't so, Barry!
  137. So the Cubs trade their top prospect Felix Pie to Baltimore.......
  138. Superbowl Sunday Plans & Recipes
  139. I just finished watching the BJ Penn v Joe Stevenson Fight
  140. A's finally make that huge splash in free agency that I was waiting for
  141. White Men Can't Dance
  142. 2009 NFL Hall of Fame Class
  143. BJ "The Fraud" Penn
  144. Super Bowl prediction
  145. First half shows Fitzgerald is no Jerry Rice
  146. What an end to the 1st half
  147. Is Joe Namath Sober Tonight?
  148. Any CUFers here in the Tucson area that want to comment?
  149. The SB couldn't have turned out any worse
  150. About Five Star prospects and rejects
  151. Your 2009 Superbowl MVP!
  152. Oakland's next big three: Cahill, Mazzaro, and Anderson
  153. Dodgers offer Manny 1 year 25 mil
  154. Kurt Warner HOF?
  155. Best international basketball player of all time?
  156. USA vs The World NBA All-star game......
  157. Bud Selig makes a lot of money
  158. L-A-M-E
  159. Cardinals got screwed.......
  160. Which is a greater accomplishment
  161. Who is the most famous athlete to come out of your home town?
  162. Gasol
  163. Did GSP Cheat against Penn?
  164. Tune in Saturday to UFC Fight Night 17 to watch BYU alum and Returned missionary.....
  165. Should be a crazy couple of weeks in MLB free agency
  166. For those who claim the A's are a AAA team
  167. Let's put the Kobe/LeBron thing in perspective
  168. When will the recession start hitting pro athletes?
  169. Nice to see Deron Williams get some calls tonight
  170. Racdy Wolf signs with the Dodgers
  171. ARod tested positive in 2003
  172. Amare to the Jazz?
  173. Surprised to see this story this morning.
  174. NFL Pro Bowl
  175. Karl Malone vs Paul Millsap
  176. Will Manny sign by the start of the season
  177. Mavs player ranking system
  178. Chivalry is Dead
  179. The Prophet Canseco Speaks! More names are Coming.
  180. Which is Worse?
  181. Chris Collinsworth.......
  182. D-Wade feels the burning Miami heat.....has an STD
  183. So there are 104 names that tested positive for steroids
  184. Spurs showing a bit of desperation......
  185. Favre to Retire...Again.
  186. Amare to Portland?
  187. Let's Go Mets!
  188. Free Agents are starting to fall today
  189. Miguel Tejada fesses up.....sort of....
  190. FU XU!
  191. Jazz miss a TON of ft's in the 4th and
  192. Barry Bonds doping calendars
  193. Coughlin Retires From Family To Spend More Time With Team
  194. Serena is juicing?
  195. USA 2 Mexico 0
  196. Thank you Mr. Bill Simmons
  197. First big NBA trade is complete.......
  198. Michel Inoa rated the 20th best prospect by Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus
  199. Which NBA players have zero tattoos?
  200. Rob Neyer on the purity of baseball and the steroids scandal
  201. NBA All-Star Game
  202. Amare to Cleveland?
  203. Hot as a pistol
  204. Excellent NYT article about why Jason Battier is a No-stat All-Star
  205. Baseball Prospectus projected records
  206. Two things I didn't know about the NBA
  207. Not that MWC player of the week matters........
  208. It will be very interesting to see what happens with Manny
  209. The Jazz Bear
  210. Wow......PHX suns
  211. Why is the Jazz game almost never in HD?
  212. Jarron Collins is effing worthless
  213. Hey myboynoah
  214. Bud Selig lashes back: "Dont Blame Me!"
  215. IPU, not sure if you saw this...
  216. Sad news for BVP.
  217. So T-Mac is done for the year
  218. Frank DeFord on A-Roid
  219. CP3 Just Checked Back Into the Game
  220. Tyson Chandler trade recinded
  221. Happy Birthday SU!
  222. I love Al Davis!
  223. Arizona Cardinals hire an LDS QB coach
  224. Orlando Hudson signs with the Dodgers
  225. Larry H. Miller has passed away
  226. UFC 95
  227. What a frustrating game to watch........
  228. The Party is Over
  229. For Sale: Greg Anderson
  230. My 9 year old asked the dreaded question tonight. . .
  231. Dan Haren trade
  232. Dodgers improve their offer to Manny Ramirez
  233. Take That! Dodger Fans
  234. My free agency has ended
  235. Good luck, Ben...break a leg
  236. Manny's not taking the latest offer.
  237. Awesome Football Commercial
  238. Redskins sign Haynesworth
  239. Brady Reduces Worldwide Bastard Head Count
  240. NBA on the brink
  241. The Incredible Shrinking Baseball Player
  242. QBs Traded
  243. Larry Miller funeral. When did it
  244. This is why I don't go deep sea fishing
  245. The Lakers suck.
  246. Hee, Hee.....Boras realizes he may have crossed the line
  247. Jazz
  248. Blazers
  249. Kobe's selfishness
  250. Shaq on Chris Bosh