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  1. Bronco's comments about the Cougar Club
  2. I have tickets for the TCU
  3. I'm Boycotting the Beef and Cheddar
  4. Luther Cambell files defamation suit against Nevin Shapiro
  5. Week 4 Open Thread
  6. The Future at WR
  7. Dear Cecil
  8. What would you do if BYU rejected the Big 12?
  9. Dear Elder Eyring
  10. BYU Prediction Contest: UCF Game
  11. Played out words/phrases from the conference expansion saga
  12. The Official Revenge Thread: BYU v. Utah State
  13. Irony of Our Offensive Struggles
  14. UNM Puts Locksley Out of His Misery
  15. Is BYU Using Less of its Tight Ends in 2011?
  16. Utah v. Washington - Predictions
  17. BYU v. Utah St. - Predictions
  18. BYU-TCU cheap!
  19. Toledo- Syracuse
  20. Mike Stoops
  21. OFFICIAL BYU vs. San Jose State Thread
  22. Week 5 Open Thread
  23. Potential Schedule Changes for BYU
  24. Nelson Bandwagon
  25. BYU playing during GC
  26. New Utah Blog/Forum
  27. Jake Heaps or Keith Price?
  28. The Heaps Reclamation Project
  29. Shreve Bandwagon
  30. Wynn's Health
  31. Offical Utah vs. Arizona St. Thread "I'm a Sun Devil Jerry"
  32. Utah Prediction Contest Results: Washington Game
  33. BYU Prediction Contest Results: Utah St. Game
  34. Utah v. Arizona St. - Predictions
  35. BYU v. San Jose St. - Predictions
  36. BucUte's thought's about the Washington @ Utah game on the UteCrew blog
  37. The Utes New Home and Managing a BCS Schedule
  38. BYU #56 in computer rankings
  39. Utah at Pitt
  40. BYU's offense: Pro-style or Spread?
  41. Wynn out 2-3 weeks at least
  42. Week 6 Open Thread
  43. Guaranteed Betting System
  44. Heaps' Passing Efficiency: A matched sample approach
  45. Missouri, what do they offer?
  46. Gary is pissed at June
  47. Why Notre Dame Can't Recruit
  48. Time For a Rant
  49. Was there hope
  50. I'm losing my faith in Bronco Mendenhall
  51. Boise and the Dutch
  52. Utah Prediction Contest Results: Arizona St. Game
  53. PAC12 Got Screwed
  54. Was that a worst case scenario for our QB situation?
  55. Alisa, Kariya and RB's
  56. Ads emphasizing independence
  57. Ads emphasizing impotence
  58. BYU @ Oregon State: MALICE in CORVALLIS
  59. BYU Prediction Contest Results: San Jose St Game
  60. Utah v. Pittsburgh - Predictions
  61. BYU v. Oregon St. - Predictions
  62. Utah at Pitt - Part III
  63. Officiating Questions from the Utah/ASU game
  64. Is Utah State guilty of RUTSing Wyoming?
  65. The Big 12 Disappointment Thread
  66. Recommitment to independence thread
  67. The Jon Hays bandwagon thread
  68. Stoops Fired
  69. BYU fans: take aways?
  70. Utah fans: take aways?
  71. Stephen Garcia gets Cock Blocked
  72. Week 7 Open Thread
  73. Post here all evidence that BYU received an offer from the Big 12
  74. Post here all evidence that BYU rejected an offer from the Big 12
  75. BSU at CSU
  76. Aiding rule
  77. MWC Conf USA alignment BSU going to BIG East
  78. Bad news on Wilson
  79. Utah-Cal Roll Call
  80. BYU vs. Idaho State: because we have to talk about it
  81. Utah Prediction Contest Results: Pitt Game
  82. BYU Prediction Contest Results: Oregon St Game
  83. Utah v. California - Predictions
  84. Utah @ Cal in AT&T Park
  85. BYU v. Idaho State - Predictions
  86. I Lakei Mike!
  87. Week Eight
  88. Now that BYU's ascendency to the Big-12 is obvious...
  89. Now that BYU's ascendency to the B12 is obvious (the remix)...
  90. Air Force vs BSU
  91. College Football Market Size from NY Times
  92. Game Thread: Louisiana Tech at Utah State
  93. BYU Prediction Contest Results: Idaho St. Game
  94. BYU vs TCU 2011: The long-haired assassin goes to Dallas
  95. Utah Prediction Contest Results: Cal Game
  96. FB intramurals at BYU-I
  97. The Official Rankings Thread
  98. The Official Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl Thread
  99. The official Utefans toeing the BCS line Thread
  100. Utah v. Oregon St - Predictions
  101. BYU v TCU - Predictions
  102. Utes v Beavers...Rice Eccles Stadium 7 PM EST
  103. John Beck's first Redskins start - Interview
  104. Week 9 Open Thread
  105. The Official "What the Hell Happened to Dillon Baxter" thread
  106. Bronco vs the fans
  107. Matt Putnam 301 lbs?
  108. Succinct definition for Tier 1, 2,3
  109. Bronco's Accent
  110. NCAA approves an additional $2000 for student athletes.......
  111. BYU's next head coach: The thread for speculating on the post-Bronco era
  112. The Heaps of Goodbyes Thread
  113. Kory the Ultimate (Utah) Fan
  114. What do you think the coaches are doing wrong wrt to QB situation?
  115. Punt formation
  116. The better "what is wrong with the QBs" poll
  117. Would you be fine with Independence if BYU had more bowl choices?
  118. One thing I do believe the BYU coaches
  119. BYU Prediction Contest Results: TCU Game
  120. Utah Prediction Contest Results: Oregon St. Game
  121. Utah vs Arizona - Predictions
  122. Week 10 (or Bama-LSU and everyone else)
  123. TO Lancer found dead this morning......
  124. ESPN All Access: BYU Cougars
  125. Arizona receiver out for Utah game...
  126. Better than advertised Players
  127. Homeless
  128. We're in
  129. In which I discuss the sports teams at the University of Michigan
  130. You're in*
  131. Utah Utes v. Arizona Wildcats, Nov. 5, 2011
  133. Penn State pedophilia
  134. Jordan Pendleton - Career-Ending Injury
  135. Good luck to McBride
  136. A question for Utes regarding the rivalry
  137. A question for Utes retarding the rivalry
  138. Tribute to Hitchens w Stephen Fry, Martin Amis and Richard Dawkins tomorrow afternoon
  139. Utah Utes v. UCLA Bruins, Oct. 12, 2011
  140. Roll Tide/War Eagle
  141. Utah Prediction Contest Results: Arizona Game
  142. Utah v UCLA - Predictions
  143. BYU v Idaho - Predictions
  144. Do you know where Coach lives?
  145. ND's helmets for Saturday's Game vs. Maryland
  147. Week 11
  148. BYU vs. Idaho: Does this even warrant a game thread?
  149. 5 Nephi 1:1
  150. What a Joke
  151. Nelson vs Heaps post Idaho game
  152. Why does Bronco use the term nickel?
  153. The Wolfman goes to Pullman: Utes v. the (other) Cougars, Nov. 19, 2011
  154. Apo's Route Running
  155. BYU vs. The other, other Aggies (NMSU)
  156. Week 12
  157. Utah Prediction Contest Results: UCLA Game
  158. Utah v. Washington State - Predictions
  159. BYU Prediction Contest Results: Idaho Game
  160. BYU v. New Mexico State - Predictions
  161. Plutarchy and BYU
  162. Welcome back Urban.......
  163. The Lee Corso "Ah, f*** it" thread
  164. Pac 12 coaches
  165. Very sad news for Arkansas...
  166. Victoria's Secret is a moran
  167. Let's name the new rivalry
  168. Pac12 Championship Game
  169. BYU Football - A slow death
  170. BYU-Utah conflation junction
  171. Top RB in the Pac-12?
  172. Josh Quezada brother dies from Hit and Run
  173. The B1G Expansion Groundswell
  174. BCS & Boise State, Houston, or TCU
  175. BYU Prediction Contest Results: New Mexico St Game
  176. Utah Prediction Contest Results: Washington St Game
  177. Utah v. Colorado - Predictions
  178. Week XIII
  179. Heisman 2011
  180. Whittingham's Next Job
  181. Where did Beck go?
  182. Whittingham the Traitor
  183. The Swamp on game day and BYU
  184. Revenge of the Haoles - BYU vs. Hawaii 2011
  185. What holds UCLA back from being a national power?
  186. Which schools give away student tickets?
  187. 2011 bowl games open thread
  188. PAC12 announces all-conference teams...
  189. Top 5 coaches in college football?
  190. Crazy Lady: GTFO
  191. Why are BYU fans such thin-skinned <offensive term>?
  192. Riley is a Badass
  193. Utah Prediction Contest Results: Colorado
  194. BYU vs Hawai'i - Predictions
  195. Conference title game weekend thread
  196. BYU classic photos for sale
  197. Armed Forces Bowl!!!!
  198. The official 2011 Sun Bowl thread...
  199. Difference between Crowton and Bronco
  200. CUF Colleg Pick'em.. Ahem
  201. 2012 BYU Football Season
  202. Which BYU transfers have gone to better success, elsewhere?
  203. 5 Star Players and BYU
  204. Heaps is a Quitter
  205. Letter from Bronco to BYU fans everywhere
  206. Heaps' New Home, or where will Mr. and Mrs. Heaps move to next
  207. How many football players will transfer this offseason?
  208. Heaps vs Nelson PER comparison
  209. BYU Prediction Contest Results: Hawai'i Game
  210. Chris Petersen slam BCS system and Coaches Poll
  211. The real reason people are upset about Heaps transferring......
  212. IN politics they measure the "intensity"
  213. About Jason Munns
  214. Dick of the Year
  215. The Coddled Athlete?
  216. The Official OSU and Urban Meyer Era begins now thread
  217. Celebration TD cost HS Team State Title
  218. Oregon State freshman dies unexpectedly
  219. 2011 CUF Bowl Pick 'em Contest
  220. Great last play
  221. Goodbye, Mr. Mendenhall?
  222. The Return of the King?
  223. Identifying offending players
  224. How many teebow like miracles did byu qbs perform
  225. Roger Reid now a BYU football recruiter?
  226. When will BYU take over the head to head FB series lead with Utah?
  227. Dear Jake: SUNK COST
  228. BYU bowl prep
  229. Crowton gone at Maryland
  230. The Official BYU 2013 Death Watch Thread
  231. First Heaps and now Apo?
  232. BYU v. Tulsa - Predictions
  233. Utah v. Georgia Tech - Predictions
  234. Big Ten and Pac 12 Collaboration vs. Expansion..
  235. During one of Indy's stringpulling tantrums
  236. The game is at 9 AM on a Friday morning?
  237. BYU v. Tulsa: A Tree Falling in the Forest
  238. The thread about BYU's bowl win streak
  239. No more drum and feather?
  240. old ksl number is now porn number
  241. 20 signs your team is playing in a crap bowl game
  242. Gordon Monson belongs on CUF.
  243. BYU's football program
  244. Year two in the PAC-12: the Utah 2012 football thread
  245. Petersen's new contract
  246. Bama v. LSU - Predictions
  247. Utah Prediction Contest Results: Palo Alto Cougar Triumphs Again
  248. BYU Prediction Contest Results: This is not a sort on noise
  249. 2012 College Football Season thread
  250. The Official "Thanks for Staying, Bronco" Thread