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  1. Quantum of Solace
  2. The Orange Box (FPS)
  3. Bolt is Rad
  4. Just saw the new Star Trek trailer.
  5. Fringe
  6. I reread The Grapes of Wrath
  7. Confederacy of Dunces
  8. Twilight vs. Ann Rice
  9. Twilight.....on second thought.......
  10. South Park Mormon Musical
  11. John Adams (HBO)
  12. I know there are some SBTB freaks here. How about Seinfeld geeks?
  13. Katamari Damacy
  14. Sizzle!
  15. The Shield is flat out awesome
  16. Any fans of "The Shield"
  17. Anyone watch Law and Order last night?
  18. Best new shows on TV
  19. Breaking Dawn (No spoilers)
  20. Bolt
  21. Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies both get the axe
  22. "Are we human or are we dancer"
  23. Charles Dickens and "Slumdog Millionaire"
  24. Now that Chinese Democracy's out, I have to find a new joke.
  25. Rock Band or Guitar Hero world Tour?
  26. Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving...
  27. "The Wrestler" Theatrical Trailer
  28. Went to see Milk with the wife Wed. night
  29. Kenny MacLean dead...
  30. New G 'n' R
  31. I have never seen a James Bond movie
  32. The Christmas Song Thread
  33. Nov. 2008, Snow Canyon, UT
  34. Maybe America is not as screwed up as I thought
  35. Quote about Bach
  36. Quite possibly the greatest tv ad ever...
  37. Four Christmases
  38. Announcing the book club
  39. What fiction are you currently reading?
  40. Jefferson Bio
  41. What Non-fiction are you currently reading?
  42. SNL's new D*&# in a box song for the year.
  43. If 3d and Babs hosted a radio show
  44. Has the last episode of The Shield aired yet?
  45. New EP from Bon Iver coming in January.
  46. Hot, Flat and Crowded
  47. Amazing performance
  48. Band of Brothers
  49. someone please enlighten me re Toni Morrison
  50. LIFE
  51. Son of Rambow
  52. urban meyer, batman
  53. Australia
  54. The Welcome Wagon
  55. Scrubs moving to ABC
  56. Seinfeld lovers: Waste your day watching Seinimation.
  57. Bolt...Have any of you seen this movie?
  58. Anyone seen Milk?
  59. The Spirit
  60. Baz Luhrmann and Australia
  61. The Board Game Thread
  62. Hamilton Bio
  63. Dexter...
  64. This is great...
  65. Hallmark Xmas movies.....
  66. Excellent Christmas concert this evening.
  67. "Four Christmases"
  68. Currently watching Empire Strikes Back
  69. Hulu is the coolest website ever!
  70. House of Saddam
  71. Babs claims to be a librarian
  72. Gran Torino
  73. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  74. Caught the Metallica show last night........
  75. The Day The Earth Stood Still
  76. Mormon Books for Mormon MIL
  77. Is Bjork still "Pixie-Like?"
  78. It's a Wonderful Life
  79. Abdullah Bulbul Amir
  80. Yes Man
  81. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
  82. Burn After Reading
  83. The Curious Case of Forrest Gump (mild spoilers)
  84. Best of 2008
  85. AFI's Top 10 films of '08...
  86. Took my kids to see Bedtime Stories
  87. For you Star Trek and Star Wars geeks ...
  88. Albums in 2008
  89. Lord of the Butt-Numbing Rings
  90. Has anyone read or heard of a book called...
  91. Ghost Town
  92. Tropic Thunder was really lame
  93. For Pelagius and Jay Santos and anyone else interested...
  94. 808s and Heartbreaks
  95. Third Eye Blind
  96. True or False?
  97. Step Brothers
  98. The Promotion
  99. The effect of Star Wars upon Human History
  100. Walküre
  101. Will Smith is rollin...........
  103. Album of the year in 2009 goes to...
  104. Washington Bio
  105. couple movie recommendations. . .
  106. The 2009 Awful Movie thread
  107. If a master plays a Stradivarius in a metro station....
  108. Sylvester Stallone's music is rad
  109. Go see Slumdog Millionaire.
  110. Steven Seagal's music is rad
  111. Top 10 Ute-BYU board stories 2008
  112. Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon
  113. Japanese Black Theater
  114. Susie Orman's new book
  115. Sad confession of idolatry
  116. Quien es mas muerto: Fernando Lamas o Ricardo Montalban?
  117. Country Music Hell
  118. The Sexual Chocolate reference made me thing about this site.
  119. Any of you music buffs, heard of the band Oh no not stereo?
  120. I triple dog dare you!
  121. Oprah and Kate Winslet talk about boobs; my pants are confused
  122. Frakkin' A
  123. Star Wars, Retold
  124. The Killers, only the very best.
  125. flight of the concords
  126. iCarly
  127. Defiance
  128. The Namesake
  129. murder by death
  130. Your favorite Pop Music thread.
  131. Best early computer games
  132. Gran Torino
  133. Perfect post-punk: '78-'82.
  134. "The Pacific" Teaser
  135. DJ Earworm
  136. Biggest mistake ever
  137. Greg Giraldo
  138. The ShamWow guy
  139. Inaugural prayer
  140. Elder Statesman
  141. Band of Brothers Blu-Ray DVD Sale $34.99
  142. Sundance
  143. DDD could you please assign to one of your admins the task of writing a treatise
  144. You are not the father!
  145. Theory of a Deadman
  146. You know you're getting old when.....
  147. Something I've been wondering about the new American Idol judge
  148. Oscar Nominations are out
  149. misheard lyrics....
  150. Doubling Up....Don Cheadle style....
  151. No comment on Lost?
  152. Anyone want to tell me what this kid says at the 40 second mark?
  153. Favorite Best Picture Selection
  154. Sing Along Sound of Music
  155. Chris Rock and Obama
  156. AmIdol Controversy
  157. Favorite Drama of All Time
  158. Favorite Comedy of All Time
  159. Favorite Musical of All Time
  160. Favorite Documentary of All Time
  161. Favorite Foreign Language Film of All Time
  162. I hate John Mayer
  163. Appaloosa
  164. Has anyone seen The Wrestler?
  165. 30 Rock
  166. Craigs list ad.....
  167. Favorite Sci-Fi Movie of All-Time
  168. Worst Foreign Language Film of All Time
  169. Random music video for your enjoyment
  170. Hip Hop High School songs.
  171. Rise of the Lycans: Hard-hitting review
  172. Updike dead
  173. A great song from the 90's
  174. Hot Lunch and junkie
  175. Quaker women. Whodathunk?
  176. American Idol
  177. The Biggest Loser
  178. U2's "Get on Your Boots"
  179. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
  180. The Bird and the Bee
  181. LOST 1/28 (episode spoilers)
  182. Elna Baker
  183. Careless Whisper
  184. Three Cups of Tea
  185. Corky St. Clair on Broadway?
  186. MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice in concert! Together!
  187. Big Screen Soundtracks -
  188. Introduction to Art History
  189. Oh my Aretha
  190. It kind of blows me away that someone with pipes like Jennifer Hudson...
  191. Björk
  192. Ken Burns Jazz documentary
  193. Who has the Logo Channel?
  194. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
  195. Rachel Getting Married
  196. It's been over 20 years
  197. CUF Playlist Challenge
  198. Coachella
  199. At least Christian Bale isn't as bad as Alec Baldwin
  200. Taking Chance
  201. Stephen Malkmus
  202. american idol kid from Riverton
  203. Samamidon's Tribulation Dance
  204. If American Idol was the final say....
  205. Bikini Girl from American Idol: Hot
  206. Bravo Obama!
  207. Jim Bean, The Girlfriend commercial
  208. Moneyball.....The Movie?
  209. Last night it was apparent
  210. 2009 Movie Openings
  211. Fight On, Radiohead!
  212. He's Just Not That Into You
  213. Grammys
  214. LDS Filmmaker and his documentary on SSM
  215. How long before Hollywood kicks out a movie about Obama?
  216. Creekster and pelagius argue about Jane Austen again
  217. Chris Brown and Rihanna were both supposed to perform at the Grammys....
  218. Books for 5 or 6 year olds?
  219. Online Communities for a 9-Year-Old
  220. Bon Jovi: Wanted Dead or Alive (for free)
  221. Star Wars..Then and Now
  222. Long distance runner, why you standing there for?
  223. Horn Charts?
  224. For those of you that like middle school humor.
  225. My DVR has to many things set to record
  226. Awkward . . .
  227. Inglorious Basterds Theatrical Trailer
  228. U2 on Letterman for a week
  229. Letterman was at his best last night
  230. Gomorrah
  231. Vicky Christina Barcelona
  232. Saved by the Bell
  233. Songs on your playlist - Beatles
  234. It's not too late for that Valentine's Gift!
  235. He's just not that into you........
  236. Eminem
  237. Undisputed best diss track in hip-hop history
  238. Street fight
  239. Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith
  240. The Trials of Ted Haggard
  241. About Jane Austen...
  242. W - the movie
  243. Keeping up with the Kardashians is quality TV.
  244. Cupcake Song
  245. Girls Aloud: Quite the Business Model
  246. Good bands gone bad
  247. Reviving dead people in the movies.
  248. Cool looking, but less attractive, actors
  249. I don't know about Girls Aloud, but Celtic Woman...
  250. NYT: Art Gallery of Ontario